The CSL Real Estate Market Report provides facts, figures and estimates on the investment, residential and office market in Switzerland and in particular in the Zurich economic region. The CSL Real Estate Market Report is based on a broad range of rents and prices, data from statistical offices and assessments by experienced market participants, economic promoters and experts. In addition, findings from expert interviews with key players in the sector are incorporated.
And last but not least, it also reflects the experience our employees gain in their daily work.


The CSL Immobilien AG investor survey revealed continued high liquidity in the investment market in 2018. The first half of the year saw investors remaining reserved owing to political and economic uncertainties, before a noticeable increase in activity through to the end of the year. Most investors registered a higher transaction volume than in the previous year. Besides a large number of acquisitions, there were also numerous disposals, allowing investors to realise profits and rebalance their portfolios. The average growth in institutional portfolios was impressive yet again at 6%. However, market risks resulted in weaker revaluations compared with the previous year and fewer acquisitions of development projects overall. Around half of investors increased their investments in existing property once again in 2018.
"Owners of commercial investment properties are seeking secure, long-term cash flow, while tenants want maximum flexibility – not only when negotiating leases. This calls for a fresh attitude: flexibility is the security of tomorrow.."
Annica Anna Pohl
Head of Investment and Commercial Property
"Our investor survey shows a liquid market. Many investors are still seeking to take profits before yields finally stagnate or in case they have already bottomed."
Patricia Reichelt
Head of Research & Market Analysis